Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not Quite summer...but close.....April 2009

Carmel and Jamila had their faces painted at the Goombay Festival in April - a Caribbean festival celebrating rhythm.

Pensacola Beach at Papa's school year end party from Pensacola Junior College.

I love the water!!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I love this video done by my friend Kelly Snook.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jammin' Jamila's 2nd Birthday, July 5......
Jamila was a princess for the day.

These are homemade carrot cake cupcakes known as "cuppy cakes" or "puppy cakes".

Jamila had a party at her friend Carmel's house and they had a ball sprinkler.
Run away from the water, stand in the water, run to the water....

Be silly in the water.
Yell out in the water.

In action!

Now it is time for the cuppy cakes!!!! Yeah! I am not sure about the fire though, please help me blow out the candles.
The fire is out!
Let's eat up.
Now open some presents from my friends...with a little help.

My favorite present is the flashing wand.

The parents haning out.
Auntie Esther hugging me and Devin is posing for the camera.

More help with the presents. My friends are so helpful - thank you.

Now presents at home from my grandpa Bill and grandma Nancy and mama and papa. What do I do with all of these?
This makes a nice crown and I love the big hammer.

Hi there!
Playing with my new Diego and tractor set - save the worthog. And trying out my new outfit from the grandparents.
I just love this hammer!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Hi there all! Summer in Pensacola is hot and it is hard to get outside as much as I want. But here are a few activities I got on camera which were fun especially since the playground time was in the morning. By the middle of the summer we can only go outside comfortably starting around 6 p.m. which is dangerously close to bedtime.

The playground - Jamila's first time going down the slide on her own without Mama going up with her and making sure she is situated just so. :) The pictures speak for themselves. It's all action!

A rainy day - In Pensacola, we get lots of rain during the summer. Sometimes for 1-2 weeks we have a steady downpour for hours thus putting us in the top city for rainfall. I guess we should thank hurricane season for all the rain. Again, all action shots.

Combing out Jamila's hair - I wanted to document how long Jamila's hair really is. For all of you who have curly hair, you know what I mean that the length can be deceiving if you don't comb it out. She has a gorgeous head of hair, don't you think?!

Our trip to the National Naval Aviation Museum - this is the most awesome place to take Jamila in the summer. This museum is free, is mega air conditioned and has tons of room for a little two year old to run free. Not to mention the cool on hands activities, as you can see.

Jamila is in the lower right hand corner or this picture trying to climb the information stand. :) I am sure she is singing "suban" from her Diego dvd.

Checking out the equipment.

This is a great area where there are cockpits from all sorts of planes that anyone can sit in and play with.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fun loving APRIL and MAY....
Ok, it's been a while since I posted but you should have fun with Jamila and her adventures.

AT HOME on De Luna Dr

Hello everyone, I love sleeping on my Papi.

And getting flying rides too.

AT THE BEACH - Perdido Key with our friends

Papa I want to go in, I want to go in!!!

Making sand creations.
Uncle Martin relaxing and having fun.
I have got to walk on my own.

AT HOME on the carport.

I love bubbles and chalk.

How does this work anyways?

At home chillin...
I love to try on peoples shoes especially mama's shoes.

At home cooking and cleaning.

I love the cookie batter, it tastes soooo good.

We had so much fun making cookies. She loves to help cook.

I have to make sure I clean the carpet and clean out the dirt in the bin.

At the yearly Goombay(rhythm) Festival

A steele drum band...got to love it!

Lots of children's activities were in a special area. This man is a music teacher and this is one of the activities he has available. Beating the hollow piece of wood.
Auntie Esther watching me make lots of loud noises.

Carmel can hoola hoop!!!

I think I will try too...

Or maybe I will just try them on.

Art work at home

Play dough!!! I love it! This is how you roll it.

and squish it. My creation!!!

Mama's creation....
This is my most recent attempt at being creative. The cloth is from Tanzania given to us from family in Tanzania on our visit in 2005.